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Policies and conditions

These policies and conditions apply to all contracts between the consumer (you/you(ies)) and (us) in relation to all sales of goods or services.


1.1 We have a policy of continuous development of our products and we reserve the right to give prior notice of any changes or modifications to our products in relation to future sales.

1.2 The delivered goods may vary from those published or advertised. Unless otherwise agreed with you, the delivered goods will be of equivalent value, functionality and appearance, any significant variations will be highlighted in the model shown.

1.3 Leather products are made of the best quality 100% natural leather, so they may not be uniform in color or texture. We only choose the best hides, however even these have marks or scars. Some leathers may discolor in the sun or heat.

1.4 We will do our best to match the color and texture of the tapestry to your sample, however slight variation may occur.

1.5 All the measurements of our armchairs will be as precise as possible, but they are always approximate.


2. Prices

2.1 All prices published even in offers or promotions include VAT.



3.1 We require full payment in advance before delivery of the goods takes place.

3.2 We will contact you as soon as possible to give you an estimated delivery date and by that date any additional charges or outstanding amounts must be paid. Once the total payment of the purchased products has been confirmed, we will proceed to give you an exact delivery date.



4.1 The delivery date will be confirmed with you at the time the products are ready in our warehouse and ready to be shipped after being carefully checked and packed.

4.2 We deliver your products within the Mexican Republic. The delivery of orders with a value greater than $5,000 (five thousand pesos 00/100 M.N.) within the Federal District and the Metropolitan Area will be free of charge. For smaller purchases, the corresponding charges will be made at the time of purchase.

4.3 If for any reason the client is not available to receive his goods on the agreed date, he will be charged 10% of the value of his purchase for each subsequent delivery.

4.4 If your goods are accidentally damaged during delivery, our liability for such damage is limited to repair or replacement.

4.5 Delivery time is not a subject of these policies and conditions. We are not responsible for any economic or financial damage or loss that you may directly or indirectly suffer if we arrive later than agreed as long as it is within the agreed delivery day. The day of delivery is understood as the period between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.

4.6 All deliveries are considered to the ground floor and do not include any type of maneuvers.

4.7 It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the products fit through the accesses and in case of requiring that the products must be assembled within their home, they must request it in advance.



5.1 All our furniture and its finishes published on this web page are considered "of the line". For these products, the customer has the right to cancel upon receiving them at home, in the event that they do not comply with the characteristics agreed in their purchase order.

5.2 For "custom-made" products, that is, the tapestry, model or size are not those published on this web page, your order cannot be canceled at any time, not even before the delivery date.

5.3 Gabana furniture has no obligation to receive back the products mentioned in clause 5.2, however if you wish, we can put them up for sale for you to recover your money, with a charge of 35% of the amount of the price you establish for them.



6.1 The provisions of this clause are added to the rights that by law you have as a consumer.

6.2 Both for the application of the guarantees, as well as for any matter related to, please contact the following email account:

6.3 All our products have a 5-year guarantee for the manufacture and materials of the hull and one year for the upholstery and padding.

6.4 In order to make the guarantees published here effective, it is essential that the merchandise has not been tampered with in any way, neither by the client nor by any third party, in the event that the products have been repaired, washed, stain removed, painted in its entirety or in any of its parts, Gabana Muebles S.A.S. de C.V.   disclaims all responsibility to comply with the repair, change or return of it.

6.5 These guarantees do not cover misuse, negligence or abuse of the products purchased including loss or damage, including oxidation or corrosion due to inconsiderate exposure to water or weather; loss or damage due to fire, smoke, explosion, storm, exposure to sunlight, insect infestation, or theft, or accidental damage or loss caused by a third party such as transportation services used for deliveries , poor storage or that the merchandise remains packed for a long time without having been checked at the time it is received by the client.

6.6 All our products are moved covered by the insurance offered by the different transport companies with which we work, in each case it is the buyer's responsibility to verify and approve or not the guarantees offered by these third parties.

Gabana is not responsible for accidental damage that may occur to the products during transportation and in the event of a return, it will be done in accordance with the forms and times established by each particular insurance policy.



7.1  There may be variations from one piece of fabric to another, so Gabana undertakes to manufacture all the armchairs in an order from the same length of fabric, however we cannot guarantee the same for separate or subsequent orders.

7.2 Discoloration. The sun's rays affect each fabric in a different way, either directly or indirectly they will affect the colors. Gabana is not responsible for the fading or color change of the fabrics due to direct or indirect exposure to the sun's rays.

 7.3 Some aerosols such as air fresheners or deodorants contain chemical substances that can damage the upholstery, Gabana is not responsible for the damage caused by exposure or contact with any chemical substance that has been spread directly or indirectly on the armchairs.

Notice of Privacy

Gabana Muebles, informs you that we are complying with the federal law for the protection of personal data, according to the decree that was issued on July 5, 2010 in the official gazette of the federation.


To comply with the above, we reiterate that your information will be used only by us for our business relationship and for no reason will it be used or disclosed to any other instance.


If you need to rectify, cancel or oppose your personal data or do not agree with your information, please contact the following email account, so that in this way the correction or cancellation of your information if required.


We inform you that in the privacy notice section (federal law for the protection of personal data) from now on, if this law has any changes, you will be informed at all times through this same means.


The information that Gabana Muebles currently has registered is and will only be used for our commercial relationship, and with this it will be able to issue documents and receipts that support this relationship.

Aviso Privacidad
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