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Available in:

  • 3-seater sofa

  • 2.5 seater sofa

  • Corner with chaise lounge finish

  • Corner with arm finish

  • ottoman

  • sofa bed


Stoved pine wood.

Hull coating:

Non-deformable polyurethane foam with a density of 27 kg/cm2.


Zig-zag spring and elastic bands

Seat cushioning:

Non-deformable 35 kg/cm2 polyurethane foam with a layer of Comfortflex (Synthetic Down) and wrapped with 250 g laminated delcron.

Back cushioning:

Non-woven or feather-proof duvet with a super soft 24 kg/cm2 non-deformable polyurethane foam core and Confortflex and/or goose feather padding.


Tzalam or walnut wood base

upholstered base

Seat height: 42 cm.

Arm height: 60 cm.

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